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63a402f1459ae0007e91e956 Nicotinell TTS-20 14mg Patch 7pcs

Nicotinell is a Pharmacological smoking cessation aid.

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Nicotinell TTS-20 14mg Patch 7pcs

SAR 60.1
This Product is only deliverable in Riyadh, Dammam & Jeddah

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Nicotinell is a Pharmacological smoking cessation aid.

1. Allow yourself time to put the patch on.

2. Decide where you will put the patch. It is important to choose a hairless area of skin to make sure that it sticks properly e.g. the front or side of the chest, the back or the upper arm. Avoid skin which is red or irritated.

3. If the patch does not stick successfully you may try it on any other body site (such as the outer thighs or top of the buttocks) or clean the area with surgical spirit and let it dry naturally before re-applying the patch. Avoid areas where the skin creases (such as over a joint) or folds when you move.

4.Make sure that the skin is completely clean and dry. After a hot bath or shower you may continue to sweat even after toweling. Wait until the skin is completely dry before sticking the patch on.

Nicotinell TTS 20 patches contain 52.5mgof nicotine and deliver on average 14mg of nicotine over 24 hours in a patch size of 20 cm2.The other ingredients are: acrylate esters vinyl acetate, copolymers, fractionated coconut oil, methacrylic acid esters co -polymers, aluminised and siliconised polyester films.

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