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Skin Whitening

  • Jan 27, 2021
  • By Fatima Aljabri

Skin pigmentation has always been a hindrance and obsession for everyone looking for perfect, fresh and unified skin, and it is no longer limited to a simple cosmetic procedure or that pigmentations and imperfections can be hidden with cosmetics. Now we do share spontaneous moments that’s requires to have a skin that is ready and refreshed all day and night.


Skin pigmentation and its causes


Doctors define skin pigmentation or dark spots as an increase in Melanin production that may appear at birth or at any another age in an area or several areas of the body. This overproduction of Melanin results as the body's defensive response when exposed to harmful factors such as exposure to sunlight or the use of whitening products with wrong concentration.


Causes of skin pigmentation


1-Genetics:  Genetic factors affect developing some pigments, such as dark circles around the eyes

2- Hormonal changes: It is very normal for pigmentation to occur after pregnancy and childbirth, or during menopause

3- Exposure to sunlight

4- Acne: as acne may be accompanied by brown spots that require special treatment

5-Stress factors: Fatigue lack of sleep may lead to some types of pigmentation, such as dark circles and dark lips.


After identifying the pigmentation and its causes, Now let’s talk about the treatment ((Whitening))

Types and Methods of Skin Whitening

After the medical technology development in the past decades, pigmentation problems and skin darkening are no longer a dilemma. Medical techniques and methods aimed at treating this problem have developed and varied, including


Cosmetic Procedures

In the recent years, many cosmetic techniques have been developed to target pigmentation and imperfections of the skin and work even to whiten skin tone, such as laser treatment and whitening injections with glutathione.




Skin Care Products

Many people prefer to avoid dangerous cosmetic procedures and resort to natural whitening products because they are affordable, and cause less harm compared to other cosmetic procedures

These products vary in different combinations and shapes


Some of the most important products’ compounds that help whiten and restore skin youthfulness

Vitamin C promotes collagen production for the skin, reduces fine lines and makes it healthy and young. It is also considered an effective antioxidant, protects skin cells from damage, prevents melanin production in the skin, helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, standardize and enhance the color of the skin. Vitamin C comes in various forms such as cream, serum or ampoules

Hydroquinone is used to treat pigmentation such as melasma, freckles, and skin spots resulting from pregnancy and exposure to sunlight.


Kojic acid, which is a compound of rice yeasts, is also used for whitening, as it helps to stop the production of melanin and has a great effect in whitening the skin

Fruit acids, which are a type of alpha hydroxide acids, they work to exfoliate the surface of the skin and whiten the skin, as it removes the dead layer to reveal a new layer with a lighter color

Alpha Arbutin is also used to effectively whiten skin tone and remove dark spots.

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